Installation of Services

NECC are North east water accredited for sewer and water and VEDN accredited for the excavation, trenching, horizontal boring and installation of conduits for Ausnet services.

In the past we have performed sewer projects for small towns that previously had no sewer reticulation, as well as water main replacement works these projects involve locating and avoiding existing services utilising vacuum excavation to locate and identify service while horizontal boring can be used to avoid the services.

We also have vast medium to large subdivision experience with service installation in a green paddock environment where we are able to utilise GPS machine control for trench excavation to increase production we do not however rely apon this for precise levels as a pipe laser is still used.

NECC held a long standing contract with Ausnet services for civil works horizontal boring trenching and excavations.

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Contact Details for North East Civil Construction

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Postal Address: PO Box 424, Bright, VIC,3741
Phone: (03) 5750 1222
After Hours Number: 0418 559 082
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