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North East Civil Construction (NECC) began trading in June 2011. Our two directors, Glenn Clarke and Wayne Roberts, have a combined earthmoving history of over 38 years between them in different aspects of Earthmoving and Civil Construction.  Including Road Construction, Dam Construction, Bridge Construction, Meter Installation, Pump Station Installation, Pipe Installation, Electrical Cable Installation, Sub-Divisional work, Traffic Management and Channel Work just to name a few.

We are located in North East Victoria and currently employ between 40-50 staff members, depending on contractual work. Additionally NECC employ several subcontractors locally. This said, NECC have had a substantial effect on the local economy and families, providing a large number of employment opportunities to the community.

NECC utilises the processes of a CCF Integrated Management System (IMS) to ensure that appropriate planning of all operations is completed to standard that is both efficient and effective, in terms of Health and Safety, Environment and Quality. The NECC IMS is applied across the company to ensure that each project is conducted safely, on time and to an outstanding quality of works. 

Furthermore, we are driven to maintaining a safe working environment for all our employees and subcontractors. We consider Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) to be an integral component of the organisation, and thus aim to achieve an incident free workplace, both in terms of safety and the environment. Our whole company has a belief that it is our responsibility to perform duties in such a way that meets our aims and objectives safely and within budget and set time frames, as well as meeting the aims and objectives of our clients.

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Contact Details for North East Civil Construction

63 Churchill Avenue, Bright, VIC, 3741
Postal Address: PO Box 424, Bright, VIC,3741
Phone: (03) 5750 1222
After Hours Number: 0418 559 082
Facsimile: (03) 5750 1422
E-mail: admin@necivilcon.com.au
ABN: 77 151 294 325

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