Road Construction & Maintenance

North East Civil Construction carries out road upgrades and maintenance throughout the North-East region for various entities such as HVP Plantations, Alpine Shire Council, Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning and Ausnet Services just to name a few.

Our works include general road maintenance, subdivision roads and installation of stormwater pipes, pits & culverts. 

NECC are located centrally to the Bright and Ovens pine plantations and have had vast experience working in this type of mountainous terrain. We hold a contract with HVP Plantations which includes construction of roads with Dozers and Excavators, and road maintenance with Grader, Roller and Water Cart.

We ensure all our operators and truck drivers are qualified when working in these types of conditions and have had previous experience in undulating and unsealed roads.  NECC are also aware of the weather conditions that can be expected in the pine plantation areas and the effect this can have on the roads.

We also carry out works for the private sector constructing and upgrading driveways.

Open 7am to 5pm Weekdays

Contact Details for North East Civil Construction

63 Churchill Avenue, Bright, VIC, 3741
Postal Address: PO Box 424, Bright, VIC,3741
Phone: (03) 5750 1222
After Hours Number: 0418 559 082
Facsimile: (03) 5750 1422
ABN: 77 151 294 325

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