At North East Civil Construction we offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs of clients in the private and public sector.

Some of these include Road Construction, Dam Construction, Bridge Construction, Meter Installation, Pump Station Installation, Pipe Installation, Electrical Cable Installation, Sub-Divisional work, Site Cuts, Channel Modernisation and Bushfire Suppression Works, just to name a few. 

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NECC is also able to supply Traffic Control, Sign Hire and Spotters.


Channel Irrigation

Meter Installation

NECC have substantial experience in the irrigation industry having installed water infrastructure across the Northern Victoria region.

The team at NECC have installed over 4.9km of HDPE Lining, 1.2km of Clay Channel Lining and approximately 85 gates and numerous meters have been installed under the supervision of one of our directors, Glenn Clarke. 


Sub Divisions & Bulk Earthworks

Dams, Basins & Spillways

Road Construction & Maintenance

NECC undertake major and minor earthworks to suit anyone’s needs ranging from subdivisions, bridge and culvert installation/restoration, block clearing, house site cuts, road and access track installation/restoration, construction of dams and flood cleanup works, to mention a few.

Additionally, NECC have had experience in the preparation, development and installation of Gabion Basket Retaining Walls.

Sewerage, Irrigation & Pipe Installation 

Asset installation is a key component of NECC’s work. Services range from a long term contract with AusNet installing and maintaining power assets in North East Victoria, to sewer/water installation and pipeline construction.

NECC also conduct directional boring, and have a highly qualified and experienced work force to conduct all works required.

NECC have the essential equipment to ensure that the works are carried out in an effective and efficient manner, whilst maintaining safety of the public and NECC employees.


Bridge Construction & Maintenance

NECC have extensive experience in the repairs and construction of bridges.

NECC have carried out repairs of culvert crossings throughout North East Victoria, as well as design and construct of pedestrian and rail trail bridges under the supervision of one of our directors, Wayne Roberts. 



Environmentally Sensitive Works

NECC has substantial experience working in environmentally sensitive areas, having developed long working relationships with Parks Victoria and the Department of Sustainability & Environment.

NECC operate under an Integrated Management System, in which Environment is a key control.

All NECC procedures and instructions are strictly followed by our employees and Subcontractors.


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